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Children’s Dentistry
As a parent, helping your child make good oral hygiene a priority is one of the best ways to support their lifelong health.

Many parents wonder at what age a child should come in for his or her first visit?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children visit a dentist by their first birthday.

Introducing a young child to the dentist’s office can help them be more comfortable dental patients for life. If your child isn’t ready for a full cleaning, that’s okay. We will still peek at the condition of their teeth, and provide a welcoming environment so they will want to come back.

Regular checkups provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions, and for hygienists and dentists to provide tips and advice on oral hygiene and diet. During regular checkups we typically:


Clean their teeth


Polish teeth


Apply fluoride varnish for decay prevention.

We will also check molars and place sealants if necessary, which is a protective resin coating placed in the deep grooves of teeth to help prevent decay.

We place fillings when necessary for children. Children with complex cases, or those who need sedation to treat safely, may be referred to a local pediatric specialist.